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wgn news @ 9 cruise somewhat southwest suburban murder of a couple tonight police still looking at evidence focusing on an important interview. good evening top story or around the country. live in palos park with more on the investigation >> investigators palos park all day into the night questioning a person of interest slow flow of information has an dnieper's on easy. friends of a 44 year-old
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local contractor and a 42 year old wife neighbors lighting candles outside of the home too upset to talk on camera the couple had lived in the home for years. police called to the home by somebody inside the house found the couple beaten to death inside their bedroom. cause of death blunt force injuries and assault for two days a cook county investigators coming and going from the home also speaking to neighbors. >> shock it is pretty quiet here do not have much going on at all. nice neighborhood lots of children. hopefully they have a good idea who it is but if they do not we are all on alert kind of unusual for this area. >> neighbors to tell us that the
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couple's teenage son lives here at the home with them. cook county investigators say no ongoing threat to the community and neighbors should feel there is no danger. >> mother of a 14 year-old boy found dead in berwyn hall facing felony neglect charges boy and a siblings living in squalor with hundreds of animals and insects live in berwyn with more >> disturbing story four days later in front of the housekeeping and i four of the children still in the hospital recovering from food like symptoms and the mother in jail on bond set at $100,000 >> one of the worst things that have ever witnessed batt but first responders with the decade's experience still taken
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aback by what we did here. all of lydia price facing our way of charges including a child endangerment police described personal house of horrors. >> the whole situation is awful >> unresponsive on the lawn 14 year-old mentally challenged son filthy and wearing just a t- shirt. pronounced dead at a nearby hospital police found inside the house a tough time describing. in sex species all matter of filth all kinds of animals. >> 109 cats and three dogs as well as in many other animals including rabbits guinea pigs monkees records birds hundreds of birds. the >> neighbors did not know much about the family also stunned by all of they saw coming out of the house. rescuers were
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actually attacked by cats while trying to teach up some of the animals. children we are told never went to school did not have plumbing or running water sleeping on the filthy floors. the bedrooms were used for the animals. >> into the end most animals sec needed to be put down including all 109 of the cats. residents cannot believe what happened a short but local officials the cleanup will be as quick as possible. >> police releasing security video from logan square mall hoping to find a shooting suspect some of the video from last friday before and after the shooting took place. victim's injuries and not serious authorities hoping these images
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jogging somebody's memory and what with the permission called police. logan square blaze three hours to get under control. extra large fire broke out at the pasieka bakery about 9:30 a.m. this morning no injuries flames finally put out about 1:00 this afternoon. no. milwaukee avenue business on the first floor and apartments upstairs. governor pat quinn and veto energy bill by com ed proposal changing the way in electric rates determined com ed calls this necessary to recover the costs of smart grid implementation gov. quinn would cut to the illinois commission of 40 making it a bad deal for consumers. com ed bradley's aide toreleased a statement saying they were disappointed. city pension board giving a top union leader and three brethren a second chance after breaking the
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law. " this filing false paperwork in order to double-dip money in city and union pensions you cannot have both. we have obtained internal documents showing union leaders trying to do that again. like so many electrical union in chicago hurting thousands out of work brought many of them here september 9th. rumors were flying union leader tim foley at the three others trying to cut a special deal for themselves. taking you back one year. pension board take a pass to foley and other top union leaders caught with their figures in the cookie jar. the double dipping taking the six- figure city pension board work with street sanitation keeping a second union pension violation of state law. more than that last week investigation found
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those union leaders filed false paperwork knowingly filing false paperwork last three felony. this man executive director of the pension board said he could not prove knowingly broke the law. he asked them to return the money in the second year did pension at promise never to do that again. case closed. so we thought. we obtained these minutes of a closed-door executive board meeting showing executive attorney who cut the deals to get them off of the legal hook try and and and run it proposing a new deal that allows them to double dip again. according to people at the
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meeting suggested taking $300,000 from the union rank- and-file deuce and switch it over to another human penchant for foley and the others. after we started asking questions foley withdrew his new penchant request would not return our calls. speaking by telephone not going on the record city pension board now setting up certification letters asking unions for more proof no longer double dipping to read more about the investigation tomorrow's newspaper that the republican presidential hopefuls debate at this meeting yet again this time the focus on tea party priorities also cook county program that aims to keep top businesses repeat offenders and dropping out of thermometers by the middle of next week. wgn news @ 9
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why settle for a one-note cereal? get more with honey bunches of oats. four nutritious grains come together for more taste, more texture more healthy satisfaction. have a bowl of happy. wgn news @ 9 2 night social security taking center stage republican presidential debate. leading candidates sparred over
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retirement for americans. sponsored by the tea party. gov. rick perry leading the polls of former minnesota gov. mitt romney it second and eight others jockeying for position attacking each other on the future of social security. batt but the term ponzi scheme is what scares me you said if people did this in the private sector it would be called a criminal >> not particularly worried about gov. parry and romani frightening the american people when president obama spares them every single day. >> former house speaker newt gingrich drawing it response the other hot topics jobs in the economy and repealing president obama health care plan. breaking this down political reporter rick pearson >> something to grind gov. rick perry because he is in the lead. mitt romney tried to turn to one
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man and forget the others >> this is a big lead at this point. mitt romney advantage cannot let this slip away. needed to try to take this eighth man field and condense it down to two. trying to hammer down again on social security. this was held in tampa florida large population of senior citizens talking up trimming social security a big concern for republican voters. >> the question does gov. rick perry continue to believe social security should not be a federal program unconstitutional returned to the state? >> trying to say that back in the 1930's federal government made all of the right decisions i disagree with you. it is time to get back to the constitution >> the question do you still believe that social security should be ended as a federal program as you did six months
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ago? >> i think we should have a conversation >> happen that right now governor >> they looked on like right there with the red ties. i think michelle bachmann try to get into that of little bit trying to sneak in not doing too good of the polls. >> sliding since basically winning the iowa straw poll at basically this was a tea party sponsored debate and michele bachmann and gov. rick perry artiste to keep party candidates. she did not do very good in the first half but came back strong second half. executive order requiring a vaccine for sexually transmitted it did not go over well with michelle bachmann. >> the drug company gave thousands of dollars in political donations to the governor and the this is flat out wrong. the question is this
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about life or millions of dollars potentially billions of dollars for a drug company? >> i raised about $30 million and if you say i can be bought for 5000 i am authentic. offended >> i am offended for the little girls and parents who did not have a choice. >> brought up a couple of points and she desperately needed those she has fallen to about seven right now and the public about 1% we have several more debates in several weeks coming up. >> planned to 1000 tea party years but also national audience trying to just play to the audience? or more focused on the general public? >> you go to the bright as a republican primary with the tea party is on conservative issues such as spending. plane to the audience but it is amazing in
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these debates 5 million people watching so there is a lot of interest republicans to try to figure out in a scattered field who debris of the like. there were pretty far to the right. even ron paul libertarian candidate long time tea party he got booed tonight talking about united states getting involved in the middle east was the reason that terrorist attacks. ron paul is not get booed by this kind of crowd. they are angry at what to pick a candidate but still a very wide open race. >> president obama putting pressure on congress next the bill pushed on legislators and the challenge he was giving it today and using you to to document one thing can save her life.
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immediately. >> speaking to date rose garden flanked by teachers and police firefighters. legislation on private lukewarm reception on the capital hill. raises spending on transportation projects paid for by limiting deductions from the bridge. house republican leaders say declined to support tax breaks for hiring but no new spending. bank of america says cutting jobs between now and that of 2014 bubbling and other united states based employer. after losing billions mortgage related problems and housing market collapse bank of america says the cuts are part of a plan to save $5 billion. reorganizing and expects a big chunk of the jobs going to attrition and eliminating unfilled positions. organizers martin luther king jr memorial in washington setting a
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new date october 16th national mall. hurricane irene forcing postponement last month president obama speaking at the dedication coincided with anniversary of the first militant man march in washington. first african- american to be mudmemorialized with a monument on the national mall. transplant story shared on line of video blog and later cook county taking an alternative approach to many prostitution or rest.
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medical watch. update on the girl brave telling story about
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waiting for a heart. 17 year-old mackenzie started senior year and hospital could not come home until perceiving a new heart. organ transplant long journey documented on the video of finally happy ending. >> 11 days ago mackenzie recording her video diary. checking my bottles have to stay in the hospital until surgery. could be weeks could be months you never know. they took an echo of my heart and showed me my echo what side significantly larger than it should be. six days ago in a telephone call she was waiting for. good news i said oh my goodness what is that and they said we found a heart for you you are kidding? that is awesome. wish me luck. vital
9:26 pm
organ in a sample cooler or bribes children's memorial hospital transplant screws to deliver. it was very fast and she went dead at 6:00 a.m. and by i believe 3:00 p.m. she was out of the operating room and in the recovery. making a quick wit quick recovery able to talk. still fragile from major surgery yet inside filled with energy know when she will get stronger not weaker every day. i am feeling good soap it will be tough for the first couple of days. no more pressure about waiting about the unknown now you have a set plan that you know what is going to happen. i just want to go back to school. >> up next tom skilling with us
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their autumn chill later in the week and frost in the upper midwest. beautiful sunrise today. student at carthage college sending us these photographs. gorgeous shot front dead beat orlando yesterday's 9-11 ceremony. one of the speakers out there wgn radio and fall colors are not out in brilliance just yet. pretty soon this will be an area explosion of fall color especially after the weather coming in this week a gorgeous day today. going to
9:31 pm
make a 30 degree temperature next couple of days without the big storms running through the upper midwest tonight. blockbusters. roaring for the upper peninsula of approaching may swipe the peninsula in northern wisconsin. these things and how to read over 40,000 ft. at the vanguard of the cooler air mass come and get a thunderstorm watch warnings for a powerful wind gust and hail and so forth in the meantime frost and freeze advisories parts of north dakota as you can see. in the meantime down in dallas 103 degrees ties the record for most 100 degree days ever tomorrow that will break that. brigand relief even to dallas and oklahoma city hot temperatures are dropping in the northern plains compared to
9:32 pm
yesterday's 14 degrees cooler this time and then yesterday and we were at 77 degrees. the temperature drops already in double digits. that is the first phase of the cool down and getting into that tomorrow. still a beautiful day. cooling wednesday-wednesday night currents temperatures gusty wind indications 30 mi. per hour wind gusts southwest tonight. high values of mold spores grass and weed pollen moderate today. current temperatures are around the area basically we are in the mid-70s blowing with a 79 degrees. 66 degrees at harvard at this hour high temperatures made a peace pretty, and all of the way through the area. cooler
9:33 pm
weather coming sharpest wednesday afternoon at night 86 degrees today at o'hare warmest in nine days 20 days since significant rain or around here in most locations. the flow comes in from the arctic from the northwest tomorrow. canadian high pressure. sprawling high collars on the front side with the black rod high pressure like this to the hudson bay deeply into the plane state's sprawling across most of the eastern half
9:34 pm
of the continent by the time we get too late thursday at that point temperatures may be hard- pressed to get out of the '50s and during the day it warm up expected this weekend will not last long the first time daytime temperatures out of the 50s since last may. there you can see the low temperatures coming back to show you the breast of the temperatures change is dramatic. models show us the thirties northwest suburbs wednesday-thursday morning. tonight a few scattered clouds like windy and warm with wind gusts of 40 mi. per hour in some spots before diminishing dramatically by morning. mostly sunny tomorrow cooler humidity significantly lower. northwest wind strong tomorrow. fair and cooler tomorrow night. midday
9:35 pm
high temperature of 63 degrees falling back to the '50s late wednesday to the '40's on the thursday night and abortive offer 50s for highs. may 27th was the last time we were that cool >> prison program taken on the problem of repeat prostitution offenders out an alternative approach can help them. starting my progresso soup for lunch plan, huh. nope just having some tender chicken and some tasty noodles. let's see...south western vegetables...60 calories.
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9:39 pm
monday night in july with a chill in the air officers arrest two prostitutes takes just 20 minutes cruising down the cicero on chicago's southwest side. hard core area where women know they can make money and men know that they can score quickly and often. the wind and taken to the cook county sheriff's headquarters where they are processed for s fingerprinted and have mug shots taken familiar surroundings are arrested before. work in the cook county sheriff's justice program sheriff tom dart expanded the program in 2008 to include nights like this where both former prostitutes and drug addicts talk to the women are arrested seeking help. 41 years old story like so many others in
9:40 pm
20 years on the streets series of bad relationships low self- esteem potential health issues and drug addiction. this is the night where she has had enough accepting their help. a 32 year old mother of five has never been on arrested before meeting with them is short. the bar was incredibly low. sheriff tom dart tried to raise that bar process not working. prostitutes are rested bonded out of arrested again. not cost effective and it discouraging hired prostitutes to speak to the web and to try to get better
9:41 pm
results. >> we would have people open up that would never open up. it would accept the help i need to go to a hospital in-house program at the jail. those who work the program inside stay connected outside had success. brenda myers-powell and marian hatcher peer coordinators used to pass each other on west street not role models. 38 year old woman of four prostituted herself for a drug addiction. i was feeling nasty and dirty and they made me see that in a different way it was not me it was the drugs. this is tanya branton second time in the program she thought she could make it on her own five young children at motivation to get it right. in this program learning to love herself. not only how to
9:42 pm
beat a woman but to have respect for ourselves and be back respect from everyone else. went through the women's justice program at 2004 and a recovering prostitute and drug addict. also a peer coordinator try to give these women hope. hope that somebody cares about me hope that i can make it out here against all odds because if there is no hope there is nothing. marian hatcher also graduated from the women's justice program now the special projects assistant despite a college degree and 17 years in the corporate world disappeared for two years program saved her life. hopes when and can make it like these knows she will see her again. they will come back asking for help. since 2009 when
9:43 pm
they started with the sheriff's women's justice program 361 women given information 89 in the program provided phony information and the others did not want help. a step in the right direction at least there are some way that they are helping to not go back out on the street again more than 30 during the same thing over and over again. they plan on keeping this program definitely working. still to come bad news for the blackhawks. one of their stars under the knife five days start of training camp. details later in sports. ♪ ♪ okay, so who ordered the cereal that can help lower cholesterol and who ordered the yummy cereal? yummy. that's yours. lower cholesterol. lower cholesterol. i'm yummy. lower cholesterol.
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9:47 pm and tom skilling seven day forecast >> wild weather in the upper peninsula and a 74 mi. per hour wind later tonight front going
9:48 pm
through here dry tonight 77 degree temperature dropping to 69 degrees international falls snow predicted in the areas north of lake superior next couple of days cold air get fleury's mixed with rain drops. squall line to send us up north watching these temperatures dropping down to the '50s. dropping to the 40's and woodstock and the kendry county. mid '50s and land that we go to the '60s midday wednesday during the day of the real cold hits by wednesday evening down in the '50s dropping down to the '20s and the far northwest suburbs. stand in the 40's in the city and thursday first time
9:49 pm
since late may chicago area 50 spurted snow flurries and ontario to the north. 13 degrees lower next few days. 53 days above 85 degrees this year. have not taught that many in six years since 2005. falling sharply late in the day wednesday to 58 on thursday at backup began 63 a cold day partly sunny skies saturday back into the '70s and mid-upper seventies later in the weekend but we are not done with the warmth yet. have a good night. >> pga playoffs find out why mr. cub one of the tour's best he did off from the gridley bleachers at best single season
9:50 pm
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and they're shiny. that is shiny. [ indistinct conversation ] ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] hamburger helper stroganoff. beefy. creamy. bread-swiping good. helpers. forty dishes, all delicious. [ male announcer ] at green giant we know nature gives us the most nutritious of gifts. but only when they are ready to be given. that's why we pick vegetables at their peak. ...and freeze them fast, locking in nutrients ...for you to unwrap. ♪ ho, ho, ho. green giant ♪ sports >> last series of the year
9:53 pm
between the white sox-tigers expected to be a meaningful series of dams meaningless. under a full moon on the south side 1-0 lead early and john danks gave it up in a heartbeat early. all run put the tigers ahead to stay. ryan raburn back to back jacks for detroit 3-1 now 14-3 detroit in 8th. chicago cubs on the other end of a double digit beat down in cincinnati. castro ran into the lumber against cincinnati brad spurted to run home run and a couple of doubles to go along and chicago cubs victorious 12- 8. special friend out to really dustin johnson and ernie banks
9:54 pm
bmw championship right field bleachers hole in one contest won by nobody. lot of fun for both ernie banks and dustin johnson >> first time being here pretty special day obviously coming here getting to meet mr. ernie banks special. batt but i was surprised had a chance to make that kind of contact with the ball it was caught i enjoyed that i hope we do it again. >> ernie banks got game and the blackhawks the lead with injuries patrick sharp played in the four batters golf outing at sunset bridge became ill underwent emergency appendectomy keeping out as long as a month guessing about ability october 2nd in some doubt as for the gulf a beautiful day at the
9:55 pm
bridge one of the primary fundraisers for blackhawks charities. getting ready to open camp on saturday playing golf his mind on the hockey. >> we have grit and character great leadership and experience very complementary to the guys we have had in the past. the court guys last year's season we learned all lot and addressing some of our needs i think the guys come and get knocked going to take that long to be a part of the team >> rafael nadal and novak djokovic novak djokovic trying to cap off one of the greatest seasons in athletics. choose a sport. novak djokovic and the first two sets rafael nadal the third but here in the fourth is novak djokovic waiting to the point and ultimately win the match 6-1 in the fourth is the first u.s. open title and the
9:56 pm
third grand slam title this year and a record of the 64-24 victory spurted victory monday for chicago bears and no practice after defeating atlanta falcons yesterday the front group did a fantastic job on matt ryan and company. brian urlacher took advantage of fourth career touchdown. >> you look at the way everybody talking about henry all of those guys up front they all did a good job for us we did not play a lot of zone which is good pretty crafty at a time you have seven sets of eyes in the back of your helmet helping your team and a great game called making plays again >> monday night football and miami dolphins victimized by great individual performances
9:57 pm
nfl history tom brady wes welker 99 yard touchdown brady 517 yards 4 tds patriots win 38-24 he and chad henne 999 yards passing all time nfl record. >> michael jordan also fined $100,000 for the nba talking about the lockout. >> have a good night. [ female announcer ] from the very first moment we arrive... we're on the move. ♪ ♪ and we don't want anything ever, to slow us down. so it's surprising that most women aren't getting enough calcium. but thankfully with over 25 great flavors like strawberry cheesecake and blackberry harvest only yoplait original gives you 50% of the daily value of calcium and vitamin d in every cup.
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♪ why settle for a one-note cereal? get more with honey bunches of oats. four nutritious grains come together for more taste, more texture more healthy satisfaction. have a bowl of happy.

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Tuner Channel 103 (669 MHz)
Video Codec mpeg2video
Audio Cocec ac3
Pixel width 704
Pixel height 480
Sponsor Internet Archive
Audio/Visual sound, color

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on 10/3/2011